Directions to Keveral

Please Text or WhatsApp Oak on 07772 155967 to let him know your approximate time of arrival to the nearest hour by the evening before your stay and let him know if your plans change or if you get delayed.

Follow sat nav to Keveral Farm

When you reach the START of the lane to the campsite which is half a mile long, please call Oak so that he can meet you at the farmhouse at the other end. (Oak is almost never in the farmhouse, so the only reason to go there is if you are not able to call him. Please be respectful and don’t disturb residents if possible.)

See pics below for what to do at the end of the track.

When you get here, turn left.. 

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At this bit, go straight on and follow the road round to the right

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Carry straight on here then you’ll be able to see the yurt and bell tent on your right