About Me

Hi I’m Liz. I’m a musician, and a mum of 2 lovely daughters.

I have been working as a professional cellist for 25 years with the Southdene String Quartet. I love song-writing, singing, teaching cello and playing piano and guitar.

I have a great desire to help and understand people, which has lead me to study counselling. I’m currently now my 2nd year of a Counselling Diploma.

I’ve been going to Keveral Farm since I was 18. I first stayed there whilst doing volunteering work helping with growing organic vegetables and in the stables. Keveral has always been an incredibly beautiful and peaceful place. The surroundings and the diverse and inspiring people I have met over the years has always drawn me back.

I first camped on the funky field last summer at the end of the first lockdown and it was completely transformative for me. The freedom of having all that space for the kids to run free and the sense of community with other campers after so much isolation really blew me away. It was one of the highlights of my year.

It was also where I saw my first modern bell tent thanks to Tracey, who we nicknamed ‘the super cool glamper’. She let us see inside her amazing set up, and gave me loads of great advice on how to get my own. I spent the rest of last summer saving photos of bell tent interiors on my phone and gazing longingly at them.

I’m so pleased to be able to return to Keveral this summer with my own bell tent to be able to help others to discover this wonderful place!